Bighelp North Carolina Regional Contests 2021

Bighelp Art Contest

Bighelp Art Contest is open to children from KG to 8th grade.

Participants can opt to contest for higher level than their eligibility level defined below. However, higher grade children can't pick lower level.

Grade levels and theme of the art: Below are the levels and theme of the art for each level.

  • Level 1 - KG to Gr 1 : Garden scene. Example:1 Example:2 Example:3

  • Level 2 - Gr 2 to Gr 3: Pongal/sankranthi/vaisakhi festival (Harvest festival)

  • Level 3 - Gr 4 to Gr 5: India Republic Day

  • Level 4 - Gr 6 to Gr 10: BigHelp theme

Art Material: Please note the following rules regarding art material and techniques:

  • Bighelp will provide the blank white sheets to all participants.

  • Paper size: Level 1 and 2: 8x11 inch; and Level 3 to 5: 11x14 inch

  • All Participants should bring their own art material. You may bring your pads/clip boards to support the art paper on the table. Bighelp will NOT provide any art material other than the blank sheet of paper.

  • Level 1-4 allowed using water color paints, pastels, crayons and color pencils.

  • No other material is allowed like oil colors, clay or any 3D objects.

Judging Criteria: Judging will be done by 3 or more independent judges using following criteria:

  • Beauty and appeal (Color scheme & affect) - 10 points

  • Skill (includes technique, neatness & quality) - 10 points

  • Uniqueness and interpretation of the theme - 10 points

  • Slogan/Caption - 5 points (slogan is REQUIRED for all levels except for level 1)

On the day of the contest:

  • Arrive 15 min before the start of your assigned time-slot.

  • Only one attempt at only at an assigned location is allowed by any participant.

  • No electronics/hand notes / reference material allowed during the contest.

  • Bring your own coloring/art material. Blank art paper will be provided by Bighelp at contest location.

  • Bring your own water bottle. We recommend you to bring some food/snacks to the venue, but you should be eating them outside of the art room. No food is allowed inside the art room other than your own water bottle.

Additional info:

  • Do not write your name or signature on any part of the art. For fair judgment, contest organizers will assign a reference number for each Art work which refers to participant's name and will be used as the reference number.

  • No food/drinks (except a water bottle) are allowed in competition meeting room.

  • No new entries are accepted on the contest day.

  • For more information, please contact Bighelp North Carolina team at with subject - Bighelp Boston art competition.


  • The judge's decision is final and correspondence cannot be entertained with regard to the final results. BigHelp reserves the right to substitute prizes, or to reduce or eliminate prizes for any level if art work does not meet the minimum quality requirements.

  • Special Needs Category: There will be a special needs category if a participant has special needs. Please mention at the registration desk if their participation should be considered under special needs category.

  • All the art pieces will be the property of Bighelp and can be sold to raise funds for Bighelp.

  • Your art work will be photographed and the image will be reduced to a smaller size to display in Bighelp website or used any part of advertisement material.