Rules for Bighelp Science Bee

We encourage participants and parents to read these rules prior to their children appearing for the Science Bee.

Eligibility: Children from 1st grade to 8th grade are eligible to participate.

Registration: Participants must register online.

Grade Levels: Below are the contest levels.

Grades 1: Leve1 1

Grades 2: Level 2

Grades 3: Level 3

Grades 4: Level 4

Grades 5th & 6th: Level 5

Grades 7th & 8th: Level 6

Contest Format:

The Science Bee consists of 40 questions representing a fairly wide range of difficulty. Questions will be multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blanks type. All 40 questions are given at the same time. Total 60 minutes are given to answer all 40 questions. There is NO negative marking for incorrect answers.

In case of tie-break the question#31 through 40 will be given weightage to break the tie. Hence the participants should try to answer all questions.

Calculators: Calculators are NOT allowed at any time of the contest

Syllabus: Although we try to limit to State prescribed grade level syllabus, it should be understood that any syllabus can only act as a guideline, but in the same given category of syllabus, the level of difficulty can vary dramatically from a beginner to an advanced level. The link below provides the guideline for syllabus.
Please click here to view the syllabus

Science Bee questions are drawn from different disciplines such as life, chemical, and physical sciences.

Below are the sample question papers with answers for your reference.
2018 Level 1
2018 Level 2
2018 Level 3
2018 Level 4
2018 Level 5
2018 Level 6

Illegible writing: Unclear and illegible writing might cause misinterpretation. So, contestants are expected to write clearly and legibly. The decision of the judges is final.

Championship: 3 winners (first, second & third places) will be declared for each level.

Prizes: Certificate and a trophy will be awarded to winners.

Tiebreak: Please refer the Test Format above. If questions #31 through 40 fail to break the tie in question, the coordinators may use additional measures to resolve them or award joint ranks.

Pencils: Contestants should bring their own pencils and sharpeners.

Drinks: Participants should make sure they drink or eat enough food before the contests to be able maintain their energy levels until the completion of the contests. Please bring your own water bottle to the classroom.

Coordinator's role: The coordinator is the judge who will uphold the rules and validate the answer papers. They are in complete control of the contest, and their decision is final on all questions.

Copy of rules: It is parent's responsibility to get the copy of rules from the website.

Special needs: Science Bee coordinators will strive to provide accommodation for participants who have physical challenges. All requests to accommodate special needs involving sight, hearing, speech, or movement should be directed to coordinators well in advance of the contest date. The judges have discretionary power to amend requirements on a case-by-case basis for contest participants with diagnosed medical conditions involving sight, hearing, speech, or movement.

Please note: Bighelp is not associated with any of the local or national Science Bee; these rules are exclusively customized for the Bighelp annual fundraising event. It is the responsibility of participants to check the rules of other Science Bee/Smart contests before appearing them.