Youth Internship - Summer 2015

Summer 2015

Date July 1 to Aug 31, 2015 (Any 2 consecutive days)
Day 1 Duration
Introduction & Classroom Interaction 60 minutes
Presentation 60 minutes
Activity - 1 60 minutes
Hands-on workshop 60 minutes
Day 2
Activity - 2 60 minutes
Hands-on workshop 60 minutes
Prize Distribution & Gift presentation to school 60 minutes
Address the entire school, vote of thanks and photos 60 minutes
Venue Any government school of choice in India.

  • There is no participation fee to for this program. However you are required to donate $250 to support the school where you will be doing internship. 100% of this donation will be presented to the school by the participating child or her/his parents during the workshop.

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Registration will be closed on 22-Apr-2015 or when we reach the maximum capacity, whichever is earlier.

Additional Info

For more info, please visit Bighelp Youth internship Program or visit our website