Rangoli Contest

Rangoli Contest is open to all ladies above 16 years old.

Entry is free for all participants.

Prepare your Rangoli Design at home and bring it to the event to enter the contest.

Each person can submit only one entry.

Design Material & Techniques: Please note the following rules regarding design material and techniques:

  • The size of the Rangoli Design sheet should be 12" x 16" (This is the maximum size limit, you can prepare a smaller size if you like. Any entry with larger than this size will NOT be accepted)

  • Completed portfolios must not exceed one page in length.

  • Design materials may include water color paints, acrylic paints, pastels, crayons, color pencils and color sand.

  • All Rangoli Designs must be the contestant's hand-done creation.

  • Photographs, computer-generated designs and pre-printed sketch/tracing will not be accepted.

  • Do not make the design look like a stamp. No stencils, numbers or design elements are allowed.

  • Keep the design simple. The image will be reduced to a smaller size to display in Bighelp website.

Judging Criteria: Judging will be done by 2 or more independent judges using following criteria:

  • Design

  • Presentation (colors, neatness)

  • Overall impression

Prizes: All winning artists will receive a certificate and trophy on the stage.

  • There will be 3 prizes (1st, 2nd & 3rd)

  • There will be a special prize (trophy) for visiting parents or non-Indian origin category.
  • Special Needs Category: There will be a special needs category if at least one entry is received from special needs person. Please mention at the registration desk if the entry should be considered under special needs category.

Additional info: Please note the following when submitting your Rangoli Design

  • Do not write your name or signature on the front of the design. Write your full name in capital letters, address and phone number on the back of the design. Entries with signature or name on the front of the art will be rejected.

  • Submit Rangoli design at the Art & Rangoli Registration desk.

  • Late entries submitted after completion of the 1st stage program may not be qualified for winning prize.

  • At the end of the event, your design can be collected back at the registration desk.

  • Make sure your design is photographed if you are one of the winners.