Compassion Profile

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation made a contribution to promoting literacy projects in India and helping schools become interesting places to learn. Thanks to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for the compassion and support in ensuring the education that the children receive is effective.

Projects Supported :
Project ID Project Name Project Type
p0377Donated computers to hearing impaired children at PHINAdopt A School
p0447Donated Duel Desks to Z.P.S. School RebbanpallyAdopt A School
p0378Donated Sound System to ZPHS KukatpallyAdopt A School
P0006Government Primary School, Vijayapuri SouthAdopt A School
p0472Organized Summer Valley ball CampAdopt A School
P0191Provided Construction Material to SRDWTAdopt A School
P0372Provided Vidya Volunteer in Z.P.H.S. JuloorAdopt A School
p0510Renovated the school building at MPP School Sagar camp IIAdopt A School
P0153Samanvai Computer training center for visually challengedAdopt A School