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Vyas Sai Balabhadrapatruni

Vyas Sai Balabhadrapatruni sponsored the education of underprivileged children in India who are at a risk of discontinuing studies due to very impoverished circumstances. Bighelp thank Vyas Sai Balabhadrapatruni for generously sponsoring the education and making a positive difference in the lives of the needy children.

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ID Name Sponsorship
Begin Date
End Date
C0634Mounika Kadirennagari
    Kotha Nidimamidi, Anantapur
01-Jul-2014 31-May-2015
C0871Narasimha Challa
    Bukkayapalli, Cuddapah
01-Jan-2013 31-May-2014
C1424Sagar Devavath
    Lingareddypet, Nizamabad
01-Jun-2016 31-Jan-2017
C0535Vanitha Timmala
    Naupada, Srikakulam
01-Jul-2014 31-May-2016
C0965Veera Venkata Satya Mallikarjuna Vamsi Nalla
    Undrajavaram, West Godavari
01-May-2013 30-Jun-2014
Info Date
Vyas Sai Balabhadrapatruni & Nitya Yelamanchili are students of the "BALALAHARI"- the children's wing of Soundarya Lahari in Westford. They both raised funds by selling snacks after their classes at BALALAHARI every Friday night. They donated this amount to Bighelp to sponsor the education of 4 children for 2 years. 13-Dec-2011
"A couple of years ago when we were taught about the importance of charity, we decided to raise money for a non-profit organization like BigHelp because we had already known about BigHelp a few years earlier." - Sai & Nitya 14-Dec-2011
Dear Sai and Nitya,

I am very pleased and touched by your sincere motives to raise funds for charity and deciding to donate to Bighelp organization to help the needy children in India.

Bighelp sincerely appreciate your parents for not only teaching you the importance of charity but encouraging you to participate in community service actively.

I am pleased to nominate both of you for Bighelp's annual award "Raising Star 2011" which will be presented during Pongal-Republic Day Celebrations on Jan 7th, 2012. If you are selected for this award, you will be given an opportunity to speak couple of minutes about your fund-raising initiative during the award presentation ceremony.

With sincere appreciation,
Chand Pasha
President, Bighelp For Education
Vyas Sai Balabhadrapatruni has received 'Raising Star Award 2011' for raising funds for Bighelp through his own initiatives during the year 2011. This 11 year old child has raised funds by selling snacks after school and sponsored the education of 2 children for 2 years. Bighelp has recognized Vyas Sai with 'Raising Star Award' and presented him a plaque and certificate during the 9th annual fundraiser on Jan 7th, 2012 at Canton High School, Canton, MA. 08-Jan-2012