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Chand Pasha & Hameeda Shaik

Chand Pasha & Hameeda Shaik made a contribution to promoting literacy projects in India and helping schools become interesting places to learn. Thanks to Chand Pasha & Hameeda Shaik for the compassion and support in ensuring the education that the children receive is effective.

Projects Supported :
Project ID Project Name Project Type
p0875Donated Ceiling Fans to P.M.M.M. Municipal High School - KovvurAdopt A School
p0768Donated Duel Desks to M.P.P. School NaupadaAdopt A School
p0558Donated Library books and Sports material to P.M.M.M. Municipal High School - KovvurAdopt A School
p0643Donated Sanitary napkins Incinerator to P.M.M.M. Municipal High School - KovvurAdopt A School
P0004Government High School, Vijayapuri SouthAdopt A School
P0006Government Primary School, Vijayapuri SouthAdopt A School
p0545Khursheed Waheed Award For Excellence - KovvurMerit Award
P0009Nannidar Award For Excellence - Vijayapuri SouthMerit Award
P0226Provided Drinking water tank in M.P.P School at V.P.SouthAdopt A School
p0451Provided Infrastructure to MPP School - Sagar Camp II Adopt A School
p0510Renovated the school building at MPP School Sagar camp IIAdopt A School
P0003Suryakiran School For Physically HandicappedAdopt A School
P0264Vikalangula Kalyana Vedika - HyderabadSpecial Education
P0343Youth Internship by Sana Shaik - Summer 2014Youth Internship
P0007Z.P. Primary School & High School, AdigoppalaAdopt A School

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Sana Pasha Shaik (D1307)
Haseef Pasha Shaik (D0270)

Member of the group:          
Vankata Anumula
Prasad & Padma Anem house warming fund
Haseef Shaik Sponsor a child fund

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